Korean Celebrity Look Alike Generator~

Hey guise! My friend told me about this Korean celebrity look alike generator. Where you upload your photo and they will show you who you look like. It is so fun! Here’s the website:


Scroll down and click on the gray box (circled in red)

Choose your photo and wait. Then it will be redirected to the result page. Result is in Korean though.

I uploaded 3 times(so addictive) and here’s my result. ^^

95% - Kim Eun Jung of Jewelry. (The number besides your face is your estimated age)

100% - CL of 2NE1. Really? Seriously they have to use this pic for CL?

Still CL but there’s donghae here. ㅋㅋㅋ It says I’m 42% namja and 58% yeoja. .____.

Have fun!